Man Eats Mother

SPN Cannibal SonA man has been remanded in custody for allegedly killing his mother, eating parts of her and giving other parts to his dog.

The 26-year-old suspect, Alberto S.G., allegedly cut the body up, keeping small pieces in Tupperware containers whilst smuggling out the larger parts in rubbish bags each night.

The crime, which took place in Madrid, was discovered because a friend of the 66-year-old victim had not seen her in almost a month and reported it to the police.

At the moment of his arrest, and according to the police, he confessed that he had killed her and dismembered her body. He also stated that he had eaten some of her flesh, which he had conserved in Tupperware containers of various sizes, even giving some of the flesh to his dog.

The accused has twelve convictions on his criminal-record sheet, the majority of which were for mistreating his mother.

(News: Madrid, Spain)

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