Pie in the Sky?

GRA Cable Car SkiThere is talk of building a cable car from the city of Granada to the the ski station on Sierra Nevada, a trajectory of some 19 kilometres.

The route would zigzag along nearly 20 kilometres, starting from Los Cármenes and running through three municipalities, with stations in Huétor Vega, Monachil and Güejar Sierra.

Now, bear in mind that it is only a proposal for a project launched by a politician only a few months from a whole herd of elections in April/May; i.e., the PP candidate for the Mayor of Granada, Sebastián Pérez, which means that it has the same probability of materialising as Mickey Mouse in drag.

But it is not a bad idea, just an improbable one.

But back to Sr. Pérez as his technicolour dream: the cable cars would be large ones capable of seating 30 passengers, thus enabling the cable-car system to transport 3,000 passengers in one hour, along its 28-minute route.

Now, I’m not Einstein when it comes to maths… or anything, really, but that’s two trips an hour, without taking into account station stops for loading and unloading passengers, with 30 passengers per car… that’s 50 cable cars, if you take into account 2-way traffic. That’s one cable car every 380 metres, more or less, of the 19-km route. Nah!

Such a line would require, according to Sr Pérez, 20 pylons. However, he says, the project has been designed to have the least environmental impact because the parts will be delivered by helicopter; an operation that has yet to be ‘defined.’

Now, by the previous calculations of one car every 380 metres… and roughly one kilometre of cable between pylons… that’s between two and three cars at any moment hanging between pylons… and they’re big buggers.

I know, I know, call me cynical, but come on!

The upside would be less contamination from cars on the Sierra Nevada and the removal of parking problems once skiers have reached the ski station.

According to Sr. Pérez, private entities are interested.

Well, there you go; a cable-car project to join Granada to the Sierra Nevada ski station. The idea is not new as it was proposed before but rejected by the Junta on environmental grounds, but the Junta has changed hands.

Hold tight because in the coming months we are about to fly through a spectacular pork-pie storm of electioneering, Ladies and Gentlemen!

(News/opinion: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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  1. Chris Sewell
    February 18, 2019 at 3:59 pm

    Hello Martin

    Very interesting reading.

    Now that would be a dream come true (The Pork-Pie Storm)



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