Policeman, Car Thief & Long Drop

SPN Mirador de la Torre de es VergerYesterday saw the day of a man being tried for the attempted murder of a Guardia Civil Officer, who had caught him red-handed breaking into a car.

This happened on the Mirador de la Torre de es Verger (Mallorca) in May 2017. The police officer sneaked up and said the equivalent of “You’re nicked, Sunshine!” which must have startled the thief because he tried to push the policeman off the cliff – a mirador is always situated on an elevated area. He was frustrated in this effort by the policeman clinging on to him as he dangled there until passersby came to the policeman’s rescue.

Anyway, the policeman survived and the thief accepted a 2-year, prison sentenced, plus six months for theft and the payment of  3,000 euros in compensation to the officer, plus another 535 euros to the rent-a-car company to whom the vehicle belonged. In exchange for accepting the judge’s sentence, all parties agreed that it would be a suspended sentence.

(News: Mallorca, Balearic Islands)

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