Unwanted Holding Centre

MOT CLHThe Mayor of Motril, Flor Almón, had a meeting with locals from the Barrio de Varadero to assure them that an immigrant holding centre would not be set up next to them.

The Barrio de Varadero is the housing area next to Motril Port and locals there are worried that a temporary holding centre for immigrants would be housed in their midst but the Mayor said that she guaranteed that such an immigrant centre would be set up within the port, itself.

The controversy arose last Friday when the Town Hall announced via a press release that they were not going to permit a CATE (immigrant holding centre) to be set up in the port area near the CLH (bulk, fuel-storage installations), which belong to the port.

A couple of days later, experts from the Policía Nacional, who will have to guard such a centre, had seen the CLH site and given the thumbs up. Then on Thursday a big-wig politician announced that this plot was the only area offered by the Port Authorities and that they were going to speed up the paperwork so that construction work could commence as soon as possible.

So, here we are again, back to square one with nobody any the wiser when and where such a holding centre can be erected.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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