Drunk & No Licence

SAL Molvizar Guardia ArrestThe Guardia Civil are investigating a driver from Granada who caused a road accident in Molvízar in December last year.

The 49-year-old driver had no driving licence at the time of the accident, after having had his driving licence suspended previously.

He now stands accused of causing the traffic accident, threatening the other driver and then fleeing the scene.

The accident happened  during the evening of 18th of December on the GR-5300, more or less level with the tarmac factory. The other driver involved had reported the accident to the Guardia Civil, stating that a red Audi A3 had overtaken him and had collided with the side of his car in the process.

Both cars pulled up and the accused, according to the other driver, threatened to kill him if he reported the accident, and then sped off, but this did not deter the victim from reporting the incident to the police.

The Guardia Civil soon identified the accused and also discovered that a previous court sentence had suspended his driving licence after having been caught drink-driving, meaning at the time of the Molvízar incident, he did not have a valid licence.

As a side note, the Guardia Civil caught 284 people driving without a valid licence during 2018.

(News: Molvízar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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