Woman Sold into Marriage

Officers from the Policía Nacional arrested five Bulgarians in Alquerías (Murcia), suspected of selling a woman into marriage.

The young woman had been held captive for five months, forced to have sex with the ‘bridegroom to be’ before managing to escape.

The 19-year old made her way to Alicante by train and went to the police there, explaining in her limited Spanish how her captors were trying to sell her for 2,000 euros.

Police enquiries uncovered that at the end of June she had been sold by her own family to another family of the same nationality for the said sum. She had been tricked by her parents into travelling to Spain but as soon as she had arrived, she had been held against her will by ‘the purchasers.’

Not only was she abused mentally and physically by the ‘in-laws’ but she was also put to work making pallets so that the family could get some of their money back

During the months that she was in captivity she did manage to briefly escape, intending to make her way back to Bulgaria, but one of captors brought her back at pistol point, threatening to kill her.

Those arrested were three men and two women, all Bulgarians, aged between 28 and 54, two of whom were remanded in custody. The patriarch admitted that he had bought the girl for his son.

Upon searching the house the police found the pistol that was used to threaten her.

(News: Alquerías, Murcia)

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