Saved by Whatsapp

AND judge OnLThe provincial law courts in Granada have sentenced a woman to return all that her boyfriend had spent on her during their relationship. We’re talking about everything from the repairs around her home to sunglasses, including dental treatment.

Whilst the relationship was ongoing she had promised to pay him back but after they broke up, she refused to cough up.

The ex-boyfriend’s lawsuit was initially thrown out by the municipal courts in Guadix, as the judge considered that that it had not been sufficiently proven that the man had made these outlays, as the only proof was a series of conversations on Whatsapp. There were, however, no receipts for the total of 3,200 euros that he claimed he had spent in her benefit.

The plaintiff claimed that in 2013 he had financed the installations of automatic doors on her garage and purchased prescription glasses as well as designer sunglasses. But his generosity didn’t end there because he also painted her workshop, her home and hired scaffolding for the task.

Whilst the woman admitted to the judge that they had entered into a sentimental relations, she denied that she had needed his financial help.

However, both parties acknowledge before the judge that the Whatsapp conversations were authentic. But the conversations covered the things purchased and contain the mention of the women promising to take out a bank loan to cover them; i.e., return the quantity borrowed.

Finally, although he claims to have spent 3,200 euros (the judge didn’t doubt it) the Whatsapp conversation only mentions 2,000 euros, which is the sum that she has been ordered to return.

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