Passenger One Million

The first time that Granada Airport received one-million passengers in one year was in 2009 – now it’s done it again. Passenger 1,000,000 arrived on Monday the 19th from Paris over a month before the year is out.

Amongst the various gifts that she received was a free ticket for two from Granada to any of the destinations on offer from the airport – hopefully, they’re return tickets! She also received a ticket for a free flight in a hot-air ballon over Granada.

The passenger, Miss Prados, was travelling with family and her boyfriend, who had proposed marriage to her prior to the flight, so both good and bad news for her there…

The airport manager, Julian Torres explained that passenger travel from the airport had dropped off with the crisis; hence the last time that one million was reached was in 2009, but that he was proud to announce that things were recovering, as this milestone shows.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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