Brit Drug Runner Arrested

SPN Brit Alicante Airport Drug RunnerA British subject was arrested and remanded in custody, accused of drug running, in an incident that took place on the 12th  at Alicante-Elche Airport.

The passenger was caught with 20 kilos of marihuana, with a street value of 100,000 euros, hidden beneath the false bottom of his luggage. He was attempting to catch a flight to Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

The drugs were discovered when the luggage went through the X-ray machine after check-in and before going into the hold. Plainclothes police officers boarded the plane and took the 36-year-old, British man off the plane to be reunited with this case, so as to be present when it was opened.

Inside were 19, vacuum-packed packages containing a total of 20 kilos of Marihuana. The man, who has had numerous other drug-related arrests, was remanded in custody without bail.

(News: Alicante, Valencia)

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