The Almuñécar German-Speaking Club

ALM German-Speaking Club MeetingThe Almuñécar,  Asociación de Germano-Parlantes (German-Speaking Club) had its annual get together in the Camping Costa Tropical earlier in the week.

Over 50 of the members of this 200-strong club, chaired by Barbara Odstreil, attended where the upcoming events were announced, not only from here to the end of the year, but also for 2019, as it will be the club’s 20th anniversary.

For example, during December they have a trip to the Olive Oil Museum in Vélez Benaudalla planned. The club will also be participating in the Almuñécar Christmas Market.

We recommend this museum, by the way, because not only is it stocked with just about every brand of olive oil and other local products, but it also has a museum space where you can see how olives were milled in days long past. It’s very easy to find as it is on the canyon road just passed the Restaurante El Surtidor – another favourite with locals.

They’ve also got a trip to Málaga planned for Christmas to see the seasonal street lighting, etc.

As for 2019, things kick off with a New Year’s Day Lunch at Venta Luciano. This is followed in February with an excursion along the Ruta del Califato. Then in March the Asociación de Germano-Parlantes de Almuñécar will be celebrating Carnival, German style in Venta Luciano, as well.

Editorial comment: rumours that they plan to invade Europe, come the spring, using a Zimmerman-frame division, lightning attack are completely unfounded and we add that we would never stoop to making such a display of dated and uncalled for, cheap humour… unless we thought that we could get away with it. 

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

  1 comment for “The Almuñécar German-Speaking Club

  1. Norbert u Monica Kalfah
    June 23, 2021 at 12:40 pm

    Sehr geehrter German Club in Almuñecar,

    da ich ihre Clubtätigkeit nur einmal verfolgt habe und zwar vom Jahr 2018,(Venta Luciano), möchte ich doch fragen, ob der Deutsche Club immer noch existiert? Im Internet zeigt sich nichts mehr. Keine Aktivitäten?

    Mein Mann ist von deutscher Nationalität, ich bin Schwedin. Wir leben unser Rentnerleben seit 2014 in Almuñecar.

    Bitte geben Sie uns eine Rueckantwort, denn ich hätte nämlich noch eine Frage, aber warte erstmal auf Feedback.


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