Swedish Criminal Arrested

SPN Swedish Criminal ArrestedThe Guardia Civil, as part of Operation Dajir, have arrested a Swedish national of Somalian origin belonging to a dangerous drugs gang.

The individual is thought to belong to the violent drugs gang, Death Patrol, which is responsible for drug running and money laundering, as well as gangland murders.

The gang, which was run by four Swedish-Somalian men aged between 20 and 30, is under investigation by the Swedish authorities in connection with seven murders in Stockholm, as well as many numerous drug-related crimes.

The police operation in Spain that led to the arrest of 21-yer-old Z.A.S., began in September after his presence was detected in Malaga. The Swedish police confirmed that he was a member of the said gang who was known to have fled the country. They also told the Spanish police that they had reason to believe that he was going to carry out an imminent murder here, too.

It was thanks to the arrest of two of the gang members in Sweden that important information was obtained concerning his exact location within Málaga. The Spanish police had his house staked out but he suddenly left on a trip to Barcelona so the police moved in and arrested him there.

He was found to be travelling under a false identity.

He is now in police custody and waiting to appear before a Spanish magistrate before being handed over to the Swedish authorities.

(News: Barcelona, Cataluña)

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