The Sunday Morning Fireball

SPN 4Nov FireballThe astronomic tracking station, La Hita (Toledo) picked up the passage of a spectacular fireball crossing Spain’s south-eastern skies yesterday.

It was at 04.54h Sunday, just 24 hours after a previous fireball had appeared over the same area of Spain, according to the astro-physicist and director of the Smart Project (Spectroscopy of Meteoroids in the Atmosphere by means of Robotic Technologies) at the University of Huelva, Professor Madiedo.

He explained that both fireballs had the same origin; i.e. the Encke Comet, which leaves behind a trail of debris between October and November. However, these space rocks are normally very small ones, unlike these two latest ‘arrivals,’ which were both somewhere near a metre across, travelling at over 100,000kph – “the bigger; the brighter,” he explained.

The fireballs are made up of rock and ice, which in the case of Sunday’s one, disintegrated 53 kilometres up over the province of Albacete. Saturday’s one burnt up 63 kilometres above Almería.

(News: Andalucia)

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