Brit Teens in Suicide Pact

AND Corte Ingles MarbellaA teenage couple of British nationality announced on Instagram that they were going to kill themselves by jumping from a high building – the boy did.

The incident occurred midday this Friday on top of the Corte Inglés building in Marbella and involved two 14-year olds. They had announced where and how they were going to do it on their Instagram accounts.

Two security guards arrived in time to stop the girl from jumping but it was too late for the lad.

Both teens were pupils at a local private school, according to the SUR newspaper. Their friends phoned the department store to say what was going to happen, which was followed by a frantic search by security personnel ending in their appearing on the roof tops just as the girl was preparing herself to follow the lad over the side.

Up to this point, this was a typical, tragic, teen suicide pact but what made it very much a sign of the times was the fact that the girl begged the security guards to take photo of her with her phone so that she could post in on Instagram

The boy didn’t survive the 20-metre fall and she was taken to the nearest medical treatment to be treated for shock.

(News: Marbella, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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