Guardia Killer Caught

GRA Cop Killer Caught 04The suspect behind the killing of a Guardia Civil officer in the early hours of yesterday morning has been arrested.

The latest information on the fatal shooting was that Officer José Manuel Arcos, who was a trainee, had been shot with his own service pistol in the groin after a short struggle.

Upon fleeing the scene in his car the suspect threw a backpack out of the window containing a machine pistol together with the money stolen from a bar. He hung onto the service pistol, however, that he had taken from the fallen Guardia Civil policeman.

The shooting had taken place shortly before 04.20h yesterday morning when two policemen had waved down a white Ford Escort near the old cemetery in Huétor Vega. The driver had aroused the suspicion of the policemen because he had attempted to turn around on the road upon spotting the patrol car.

The driver had got out of the car and was answering questions when he turned and attempted to run off. The policeman gave chase. The suspect hid in a park between Avenida Ingeniero Santa Cruz and Avenida de Doña Juana and laid in wait for the pursuing policeman and jumped out on him. A struggle took place.

The policeman already had his pistol in his hand when the suspect jumped him. The gun went off as they both struggled for control of the pistol and the bullet entered the policeman’s groin. The first police press release, as reported by us, spoke of a chest wound and a person or persons firing from the stopped car.

By now the second policeman, who had been waiting back at the cars, had heard the shot and run to where the shot had come from in time to see the suspect fleeing again. He fire shots after him but did not hit him. He did not attempt to give chase but stayed to apply first aid to his partner.

An immediate police cordon was thrown up taking in Cájar, Huétor Vega and Monachil, which resulted in the 40-year-old suspect’s arrest later that day at 09.25h on a roundabout next to the Serrallo Shopping Centre – the suspect in the meantime had stolen a small white van.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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