Cheaper Flights Granada/Melilla

GRA VuelingThe Board of Ministers has approved an OSP (Obligatory Public Service) for the air routes between Granada and Melilla. This also affects the Almeria-Melilla and Sevilla-Melilla ones, too.

What this basically means is that airlines operating these routes will have ten return flights a week, which insures 26,000 seats a year on each one of these three air routes.

As far as fares go there will be a guaranteed flexibility between 85 and 105 euros, depending on the route, meaning that people travelling by air between this North African, Spanish enclave and the mainland will have access to affordable flights. This fixed tariff does not exclude special offers, so even cheaper flights could be available.

Melilla residents will enjoy a 75% discount starting from summer, so it will be even cheaper compared to tourists or visitors.

(News: Metropolitan, Granada, Andalucia)

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