Wet, Wet, Wet Weekend

GRA CampotejarWell that was a wet weekend, from the north of the province to the south. Take Campotéjar on the Jaén border where the river burst its banks, for example.

Around 19.00h on Saturday the downpour began and the Río Moro rose rapidly, quickly breaching its banks.

The force of the water brought down some containing walls in the fields, one of them right next to the popular Restaurante Zegrí, with disastrous results. Mud and water flooded onto the terrace before breaking through the stout door and into the large dining room – there was soon a metre of water swilling around.

But water is one thing; the mud it brings with it is another…

Fortunately, there was little other damage in the village, but in nearby Noalejo just across the border in Jaén a few houses were swamped.

Further south and three hours early it had been the turn of Íllora near Loja in the Poniente de Granada. Soon the fire service and municipal police were receiving desperate calls as water gushed into dwellings and businesses.

In Escóznar it was not much different and country lanes connecting it to Obéilar, Valderrubio and Láchar, were flooded and difficult to pass even for 4x4s.

Down on the coast in Motril and Torrenueva it poured down. One house owner in the latter found out too late that the drain on his enclosed patio was blocked… he soon had a paddling pool in his sitting room.

But, what the hell – the almonds and olives were dancing a tango in joy on the hillsides…

(News: Compotejar, Montes Norte, Granada, Andalucia)

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