Almuñécar’s Lost Ring

Have you every lost your ring? We’re not talking about the day after a curry night, but a real ‘finger loop’ Well, they might have found it!

People lose things on the beach and even in the water and never expect to see them again, but thanks to some divers, one person might actually get their gold ring back.

Out on a routine dive near the Peñón de San Cristóbal, Carlos Gracia and Ramín Kamalian from Buceo Almuñécar came across a gold wedding/engagement ring lying on the sea bed.

The recovered treasure bears an inscription and a date; suffiencient information for its owner to prove ownership but insufficient to track him or her down, which is why they have made the fine known via the media, both paper and digital.

Despite the fact that the diving school’s telephone has nearly been driven to suicide by calls from people who have lost such an object over the years – there was even a call from Switzerland – the actual owner hasn’t been found to date.

If you think that you have losts such an item somewhere near the Peñon del Santo on the San Cristóbal area – bear in mind that if a decade or two has passed since then the loss could have taken place further afield, then you should contact the school because as of the end of August nobody has claimed it.

Telephone: 658 49 49 32
Hours 10:00h to 14.00h and 16:30h to 21:00h

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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