Dutchman Rescues Swimmer

Saturday, August 25, 2018
By Hugh MacArthur

ECO Calahonda bay2 OnLLast Sunday afternoon a westerly gale whipped up the sea off Playa Calahonda and the red flag was flown, yet four young men went swimming.

Of the four that swam out at 19.15h, three of them managed to swim back unassisted but the fourth got into trouble and soon became exhausted.

There were quite a few witnesses around at the time and at least one of them, a Dutchman, decide to plunge in to attempt a rescue: “I went in because I could see the lad couldn’t reach the beach,” explained a Dutch holiday maker, who is a surfing enthusiast.

The rescuer swam out with a surfboard for buoyancy and reached the man, who was so exhausted he couldn’t even move his limbs. The Dutchman brought him back using his local knowledge of wave patterns to judge the moment to let a wave taken them onto the beach.

The Dutch surfer, who has visited Calahonda for the last 23 years, was not happy with the lifeguards, however, as they had not seen what was happening and had to be alerted by people on the beach. Even so, they didn’t arrive until after the rescuer and victim had reached the beach.

The Dutchman contacted Ideal after it reported the lifeguards’ version of events, which did not tally with what really happened; something that all the witnesses picked up on. Otherwise, he would not have contacted the press. He pointed out, however, that he fully respects the work and dedication in the day-to-day life of lifeguards.

(News: Calahonda, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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