Goodbye Underground Bins

SAL Underground HoppersYou may have noticed that the underground, rubbish-hopper installations in Salobreña are being dismantled and sealed up, but do you know why?

Well, it seems that the Town Council of the time was impressed by this kind of installation in a nearby town, so they decided to install them in Salobreña, too, but, apparently, they really didn’t think it through.

The Town Hall announced that they were dismantling the structures because of “diverse problems.” In fact, some of them had never been put into use.

There were five dotted around town: in Plaza Washington Irving, Avenida Federico García Lorca in front of the Mercado Municipal and on Calle Cristo, Plaza de Lobres and Plaza Calipso.

The main problem was that the bottom of the pits in which the hoppers sit are below the level on which the municipal drains run, meaning that they can’t hose them out, because they can’t get the water out afterwards.

Add to that the water table, which is not far below the surface on the lower parts of town, sometimes floods out the pits.

Once the mechanisms have been removed, the pits will be thoroughly washed out and then sealed up, because even though they have been cordoned off, locals had ripped off the tape and dumped their rubbish into the pits, anyway.

Editorial comment: the moral of the story is: do some research before you start digging.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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