Missing German Girl Found

SPN Missing German Girl FoundThe Policía Nacional in Granada managed to locate a missing, German teenager on Friday night at 22.00h after she went missing in Madrid.

Alenka Yumara had gone missing eleven days previously, on the 24th of July, but was finally found with a group of friends on Gran Vía in the city of Granada. She had told people there that she was an American from California.

Police sources said that the girl is in good health and that the mother was making her way down from Madrid to pick her up.

Although the cause of her disappearance has not been made known, a kidnapping has been dismissed as things point to a voluntary decision on the teenagers part.

Alenka Yumara had been spending part of her holidays with her father in Spain and had been visiting museums, as she is a fan of drawing, photography and art in general, when the father lost track of her.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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