British Paedophile Caught

GRA Brit Pederast CaughtThe Guardia Civil in Granada have captured a British subject on the run, accused of nine counts of child molestation back in the UK.

The arrest of 39-year-old David Daniel Hayes, who is on the European list of the top most wanted, was part of the Police operation, CURTIS.

This investigation is just one of many being carried out by the Equipo de Huidos de la Justicia belonging to the Central HQ of the Guardia Civil.

Basing their search on a previous case of a UK paedophile hiding under a false identity in Granada and masquerading as a teacher for private English classes, they concentrated their online search on private tuition adverts for English classes.

Although the identity of the person in the first case was different to this new one, they soon found out that one present-day teacher was using a false identity, having usurped the ID of a British resident in Valencia.

Leading from this they staked out several homes in the province, including B&Bs and hotels.

GRA Pederast ArrestedThe suspect was finally tracked down to the city of Granada and all efforts were centred on watching the man’s home.

The man, who was arrested on Wednesday, is accused of systematic sexual abuse of minors in the UK. British authorities had lost track of him in 2015 after he failed to turn up for trial whilst being out on bail.

Such was the alarm that BBC Crimewatch allocated space asking if anybody knew of his whereabouts, saying that he was “one of the most wanted men in Great Britain.”

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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