Three Fires Near Granada

GRA Autovia FireThere were major delays on the A-44 near the Nevada shopping centre yesterday afternoon owing to a fire in a nearby field causing long delays, but there were more fires.

The two crews from the North Fire Station and one from the South Fire Station were sent to put the Armilla fire out, but the fire service was seriously stretched owing to another fire in a wooded area near the Cubillas Reservoir and another, more serious fire at a rubbish-recycling plant in Alhendin.

The Armilla fire was reported at 17.25h with dozens of calls flooding into the 112 Emergency Call Centre, owing to the column of smoke being visible for miles around. And, let’s face it, anything next to a major road will get noticed by hundreds of drivers.


Those unlucky enough to be leaving Granada for the coast at the time were caught up in the tailbacks until around 20.00h in the evening.

The second fire was at the reservoir and reported at 17.40h with the Fire Service acting as a back up to the forest-fire service, Infoca, with their land and air units.

GRA Recycling Plant Fire Alhendin 2The third fire, and the one that caused most concern owing to the towering columns of dark smoke, was at the said plant and was reported at 18.20h.

To tackle these two fires (Armilla/Alhendín) the two city fire stations had all their units out, so a reserve unit on their day off was called into the northern station in case something else cropped up.

(News: Armilla, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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