Going Down Fighting!

MOT Golf Course Los MoriscosWell, the Motril golf club’s plan to enlist the financial assistance of flat owners on Playa Granada has failed dismally.

There are 1,800 apartments down there who have everything to lose and nothing to gain if the Moriscos Golf Course goes under, so the requests for just 50 euros was hardly unreasonable – they’re set to lose much more than that from the value of their real-estate investment if Motril loses its golf course, after all.

So, what happened? The association that is trying to get the two years’ deposit for the lease from Hacienda for the 10 holes has managed to scrape together 35,000 but is still lacking 45,000 euros for the task.

Only 80 flat owners of the 1,800 property owners on Playa Granada have come forward, together with generous donations from the Katena Disco and the Hoyo 19 beach bar, as well as the Camping Poniente. Hotel Playa Granada has also chipped in.

But the 30th of June was the deadline with Hacienda to come up with the money, in order to have it all up and running for the summer season of golf. But it’s not going to happen, with the immediate result that the maintenance of the Hacienda greens will no longer be maintained and left to degenerate into a jungle for shy Triffids.

The same fate befell the Medina Elvira Golf Course in Atarfe, by the way, where tigers and bemused tourists tumble through the undergrowth.

But the Motril association behind the recovery of the Hacienda-owned green hopes to get 100 euros per flat from the ten developers who have land down there and have plans to build new urbanizaciones. Such a small quantity per apartment is hardly a vast amount, considering the value that a functioning golf course will add to their properties, is it?

Editorial comment: whilst existing flat owners keep their wallets clasped firmly shut, there are humble folk, such as the one that sells golf balls to players down there, who has contributed what he can; 20 euros – olé sus huevos y que se escondan sus caras los que son más agarrodos que el culo de un pato, como se dice en inglés.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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