Beach Oddity

AXA Sunken Excavator OnLYou expect to find many things on a beach: sand castles, beach umbrellas, and in the water, bathers, fish, sunken excavators…

No, that was not the damned auto-correct again because there really was a bloody-great, yellow, JBC, lying almost on its side, awash, just off a Torrox beach.

You see, the beach-regeneration work had been going flat out so that the beach would be ready for San Juan, with work going on during the night so as not to disrupt normal beach activity.

It was during this frenetic activity that the digger went in to the water just a little bit too far and tipped over on a sand shelf. The driver had no trouble getting out and was soon back on the beach, together with the rest of the workers, looking at the forlorn machinery… which by the way, was quickly dubbed, The Yellow Submarine by the locals next morning.

They had to bring down special, heavy-duty cranes from Madrid to be able to get the stricken JCB back on its wheels and back onto the beach.


(News: Torrox, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia – Photo: Video Still)

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