Another Court Decision Uproar

SPN La Manada ProtestsJPGThe court decision to let the Manada out of prison on bail has caused massive demonstrations all across the country.

The Manada (The Wolf Pack) were found guilty of sexual abuse, rather than rape, which in itself was a very, very controversial finding. However, their lawyer has appealed and whilst this is being processed, the Navarra law court decided that they could be freed on bail until then.

This is the third blow for the victim, an 18-year-old woman at the time. First, there was the sexual abuse instead of rape judicial decision, meaning that instead of facing around 22 years, they only had to face nine years. Then came the ‘administrative error’ that resulted in all her private information: name, address, ID number, etc, being dumped onto the internet, where it rapidly spread.

And now, this latest blow, is that the six men are out on the streets, just a couple of years after the much reported rape.

As a result, women all over the country have poured out in protest, with thousands thronging the streets, chanting there “The Law is Crap!”

Female politicians from right across the political spectrum have condemned this outcome, as well.

Editorial comment: the Manada had better not get cornered out on the streets, because a lynching is not beyond the realms of possibility.

(News: Spain)

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