Ode to Summer

LHR Choir Concert 06:2018You might be forgiven for believing that the main draw for foreigners in Andalusia is the weather. When pressed for a reason as to why you came here in the first place, clearly the sun, warmth and relaxed lifestyle are going to feature pretty high on the priorities list…

But wait, what’s that I hear you ask about all things cultural and the passion of the people here … and what about what happens when you just need a break from the relentless sunshine?

Well, have I got an answer for you!

The Almuñécar City Choir is pleased to announce our upcoming concert, just after summer solstice on Friday 29th June at 8:30pm; Ode to Summer. And for a change of venue and an opportunity to play with the acoustics and a different space, we’ve chosen to perform in La Herradura’s Civic Centre. Entry is free and you will have the opportunity to ‘vote with your pockets’ at the end of the performance, paying whatever you can afford and feel is appropriate when you leave.

As always, our illustrious Director Pablo Guerrero Elorza has complied a selection of pieces that reflect not only the variety, life and emotion of summer, but also work in harmony with the blend of expertise and cultures that characterise our Choir. Our aim is to celebrate the diversity of Almuñécar and La Herradura, to mark the natural development of the Choir and how its relationship with the Town has evolved through its members and their love of music.

And talking of music, don’t be surprised to hear and enjoy Mozart, intertwined with some Simon and Garfunkel, with just a touch of Gospel sound mixed in. Please join us to indulge in a whole range of musical highlights and the catalogue of talents which has become synonymous with the Almuñécar City Choir.

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