American Student Dies

SPN Hospital Clinico SalamancaA 20-year-old American woman was found unconscious on Saturday morning in a street lined with bars in Salamanca and later died.

Despite the original statement from Hospital Clínico in Salamanca saying that she had died as a result of alcohol poisoning (they had been treating her for this) the amount of alcohol in her system was not sufficient to have caused death.

For this reason the authorities are waiting for the results of the autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

The victim, who had suffered a cardiac arrest, had been studying International Courses at the Universidad de Salamanca.


The Councillor for Public Health at the Salamanca City Hall said that the emergency services had received a call from a group of youngsters at 02.57h yesterday morning to say that they had found the girl lying unconscious on the street outside one of the bars.

The ambulance crew had managed to revive her and get her to hospital where she suffered another cardiac arrest. Even though doctors had again managed to get her heart going again, she finally died at six o’clock that morning.

(News: Salamanca, Castilla León)

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