Ambulance Loses Drunken Brit

SPN AmbulanceA group of Brits got into a drunken fight in Benidorm (surprise!) resulting in one of them needing an ambulance. However, the ambulance lost him on the way to the hospital.

The fight, which occurred during the early hours of Tuesday, ended with the Policía Nacional breaking it up. They radioed for an ambulance which arrived, loaded the injured man and sped off, en route for area hospital of Vila Joiosa.

A little later the police contacted the hospital in order to obtain personal details of the injured man but the hospital said that they hadn’t received anybody.

The injured man appears to have been lost on the way because the police later found the man, unconscious and on the roadside just 500 metres from the hospital, looking even worse for wear than when they had bundled him into the ambulance.

So they called for another ambulance and when the same one arrived, they noticed that the medics were acting strangely, so they called for the Guardia Civil to carry out a drugs test which resulted in both crew members giving positive readings for cocaine and marijuana.

Upon questioning, the crew claimed that the man had become violent, demanding to get out. When they had stopped the ambulance to calm him down, he had escaped, they said.

Doubting this and on the evidence from the drugs test, they arrested both the driver and medic, charging them with failing to give aid and driving under the influence of recreational drugs.

News: Benidorm, Alicante, Valencia)

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