Freed Incurable Rapist

SPN Gregorio CanoGregorio Cano, a multiple rapist, has spent 20 years in prison and at midnight, last night, he was due to be released.

Known as the Violador de la Verneda, he was sentenced to a total of 165 years imprisonment for the rape of 20 women within the city of Barcelona between 1997 and 1998. Yet 20 years is the maximum sentence that can be served in a Spanish prison, thanks to the European Court overturning the possibility of longer prison sentences — thanks, Europe!

If that weren’t controversial enough, all the psychiatric prison reports state that he will go straight back to committing rape once he is out. Furthermore, Gregorio Cano agrees with them and repeatedly stated that he would. In fact, he has been trying to contact women via his facebook account in preparation for being released.

Now this situation comes straight on the heels of the case — which has gone international — of the five louts that gang raped an 18-year-old girl. Sorry, ‘sexually abused,’ her, according to the judges, even though they penetrated her via three orifices.

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Over 2,000 psychiatric and psycho-analist experts have signed a petition stating that the state of shock that the girl suffered during the gang rape was 100% natural, given the situation and not, “an absence of resistance,” as interpreted by the three judges.

Anyway, with this multiple, unrepentant rapist being let loose on society together with the total lack of support that rape victims feel as far as the judicial system goes, Spain is turning into a pressure cooker.

Update: the prisoner was released as planned. However he made a statement before the press saying that he was repentant for what he had done and that he had followed the prison therapy programmes with successful results.

(News: Spain)

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