Pasión Tango in Nerja

NRJ TangoTango lovers will have a chance to see a show entitled Pasión Tango in Nerja on the 23rd of this month at the Centro Cultural Villa de Nerja.

There will be two couples performing this highly popular dance form, as well as a singer and backing musicians.

Tango, as we know it, originated in the 1880s within the poorer areas of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, yet it is derived from candombe ceremonies of former African slaves. In fact, the words ‘tango’ and ‘tambo,’ are used to refer to musical gatherings of slaves.

Hey, but enough of history, Pasión Tango takes the audience back to the streets of depression-hit Buenos Aires of the 1930s.

So, that’s the Centro Cultural Villa de Nerja (C/ Granada 45) on Friday the 23rd at 21.00h, with an entrance fee of 15 euros. You can buy tickets between 10:00h and 14:00h at the ticket office or at

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