Ombudsman Closes Installations

MOT Immigrant ArrivalThe National Ombudsman paid a surprise visit to the temporary immigrant holding centre in Motril port on the 8th… and called for its closure.

Actually, it was three representatives from his office, who wrote up a report on their findings, which when submitted to the boss resulted in his decision to request that it be closed down and a new one opened.

Overcrowded, people sleeping on mattresses on the floor; that’s what awaits illegal immigrants during their first 72 hours on Spanish soil, but compared with where they have come from, probably a luxury.

The report cited eight reasons for having it closed down, the first of which being that the installations are inadequate for minors and mothers with babies to pass the night.

The second reason was that there was no natural light in the cells meaning that the 72 hours would be spent under artificial light. Furthermore, there was no heating arrangement, despite it being winter and its proximity to the sea (damp).

He further considers that the police officers there are lacking in training – no knowledge of foreign languages, for example.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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