Minors No Minor Problem

SPN Violent TeenagersThe Basque regional police have arrested two 14-year olds for the alleged brutal beating and subsequent deaths of an elderly couple in Otxarkoaga.

The victims, both aged 87, were found dead in their apartment last Thursday. Apart from the signs of a savage beating, they had both been stabbed. The bodies were discovered when a worried relative went round to see them because they weren’t answering the phone.

The first arrest was carried out yesterday in Balmaseda and the second in Bilbao just after 5pm on the same day.

There have been a string of crimes committed by minors in the Basque Lands lately, including an ex-football player who was allegedly killed by two minors, one of whom is 13. Furthermore, a group of four minors raped another minor on the 29th of December. There have also been violent attacks carried out on the city’s metro system with one victim losing an eye.

The elderly residents in the area live in fear of these teenagers, who form gangs and terrorise residents with their aggressive behaviour.

(News: Bilbao, Basque Lands)

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