The Municipal Market Sore

ALM Parking Market OnLMeanwhile, over in Almuñécar, it’s the socialists who are taking shots at the PP-led Town Council over the municipal-market progress – or lack of it.

After five years of slow economic death within and around the municipal market, the PP have finally decided to draw up a Plan de Viabilidad económico-financiera for a completely new market; i.e., an economic-finanancing viability study.

“We are wondering if, after five years since they closed the underground parking, they have not already had time to sort all the paperwork,” the PSOE Spokesperson remarked, sarcastically.

We’ve had five years of lawsuits, sentences, appeals and high-court decisions yet, consider the PSOE, the PP have sat and twiddled their thumbs instead of getting ahead with a plan for the new, market building.

Furthermore, fruit of these legal wranglings, the municipal coffers are going to have to find three-million euros in compensation for the company that was running the underground parking (Hermanos Garcia) when the Town Hall shut it down.

Editorial comment: the simple fact is that the town’s politicians have collectively wasted millions and brought about ruin to many business in the area.

Benavides’ administrations that oversaw this huge botch-job, which was so shoddily built that within 25 years it’s falling down and Trinidad Herrera who went after the Benavides’ pet building company which used to get all the construction jobs in Almuñécar and who ended up with the lease of the underground parking.

This poke-in-the-eye to Benavides via Hermanos Garcia has deprived the town of money that could well be spent elsewhere and of a key parking area.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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