Axarquia Watering Restrictions

AXA ViñuelaThe Environment Board (Junta) clamped down on Axarquia irrigation bodies that are consuming too much water, especially at this time of enduring drought.

Precisely because of these long-term drought conditions the said administration closed the tap from La Viñuela Reservoir to all the irrigation entities that had already used up their water quota before the month of December was over.

By mid December, a dozen irrigation entities in the Axarquia region had been affected, but the restriction will be lifted at the beginning of this month.

The exact quantity that each comunidad de regantes could receive each month was calculated and set by the Junta, based on the amount of irrigated land below the Coto 140 point.

From the 1st of October 2017 to the 30th of September 2018 (the hydraulic year) the irrigation entities in Axarquía can only consume between them 10 cubic hectometres compared to the 23 cubic hectometres of the previous year. However, they have already consumed more than half of that 20 cu/hm quota and we still have three quarters of the year to go.

Irrigation societies that take their water from wells are not affected by this restriction, but there is a limit to the water table, obviously.

(News: Axarquia, Malaga, Andalucia)

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