Cop Killer Caught

SPN Serbian GunmanA Serbian man, wanted by the police, shot dead two Guardia Civil policemen and a farmer in Teruel, in the north of Spain.

Norbert Feher was already the most-wanted fugitive in Italy, where he was known by the name of Igor or El Ruso, and had previously spent eight years in jail for two counts of murder.

In 2017 he escaped from jail in Italy, killing a forest warden and seriously injuring another and had been on the run since then and had managed to get to Spain.

He had been hiding out in Teruel in an abandoned cottage, carrying out small raids on other nearby properties for food. On Thursday the 14th, a Guardia patrol had heard that somebody was living in the said cottage and had gone there, accompanied by a local, to investigate and were met with gunfire that cut them all down. This was between 19.00h and 20.00h that day.

Over a hundred kilometres further south at 02.50h the following morning, another police patrol had come across the suspect, asleep, 200 metres from a crashed pick-up truck, which he had used to flee the scene of the killings. They found three firearms on him, two of which were the Barettas were regulation firearms taken from the dead policemen. He was arrested and is in custody.

It was not clear whether he was asleep/unconscious because of exhaustion and because of that early hour he was found, or as a result of the accident.

(News: Teruel, Spain)

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