Christmas in La Herradura

LHR Cultural DecemberHerewith a reasonably complete Christmas programme of the activities planned for La Herradura this December and Christmas.

Amongst the Christmas Season activities in La Herradura is the street market in favour of the charity, Cáritas. The street market, which will run from the 6th to the 10th, will be held in the Plaza de la Independencia.

Don’t forget that coinciding with the market is the Ruta del Puchero de La Abuela (Granny’s Bean Stew Route). That’s the 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th. A great chance to support your local bars and restaurants, as well as render your present belt-notches obsolete.

Also on the 8th is the Tradicional Merienda Chocolate & Churros – the money taken will be used to provide the 3-Kings parade with plenty of sweets to throw out onto the crowds.

And it’s also about solidarity because there will be food-collection event for the needy: Operación Kilogramo Solidario. Bring your non-perishanble foodstuffs along to the Plaza de la Independencia.

On the 15th there is a musical workshop (Christmas Audition) in the Centro Cívico de La Herradura at 19:00h and then, the next day, Christmas-sweetstuffs workshop for kids and adults – space is limited, so get there early. That’s the Sala de Exposiciones Pepe Gámez in the Centro Cívico, too. There will be two sessions: 11:00 & 16:00h.

Don’t miss the Traditional Christmas Concert at 19.30h at the village church.

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Which brings us to more eating with the Puchero Solidario de Hinojos (Bean & Fennel Stew) at 14.00h, again, in favour of the 3-Kings parade on the 17th. The proceeds of the bar, on the other hand, will go to the APAMA (Animal Protection Association). The venue is the Plaza de la Independencia.

Later the same day (16.00h) there will be kiddies’ party with a bouncy castle to make sure the kids throw up their bean stew, as well as a mechanical (bronco) bull, human table-football, sledges and gladiators.

The IES Villanueva del Mar (secondary school) will be putting on their own gala performance at the Centro Cívico on the 21st at 19:30h.

On the 22nd, there will be a spot of Christmas-style flamenco (Zambombá Flamenca) 19:00h, which will include typical Christmas songs around a bonefire (artificial) thanks to the performances by the Coro La Salinera & Pastoral from La Herradura”.


On the 23rd – and I am starting to regret having started this article because it is going on and on – there will be a living Nativity Scene organised by the village church in the Plaza de la Independencia at 20:30h. The Nativity Scene will be accompanied by a choral performance by Coro Andaluz Cosas Nuestras.

Also on the 23rd the will be another treat for kids in the form of a musical, based on the film Frozen called, Adventure in the Snow. That’s in the Centro Cívico at 17:00h. Entrance six euros if bought prior the event or eight euros at the door.

Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and for the four days running up to it, early morning processions (06.00h) through the old town.

And it all goes on with distinct activities up to the 5th, but I’m bailing out now before I burn my keyboard out – sorry!

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