Costas Greenhouses & Bulldozers

ECO Rabita TodayWednesday, just outside La Rábita, saw bulldozers move into action on Playa El Pozuelo, demolishing the greenhouses that have stood there for nearly 40 years.

No matter the rain, the order had been given, so the heavy machinery tore down livelihoods, and many people from La Rábita had come to witness it, even though the Guardia Civil had closed off access so that there wouldn’t be any ‘problems.’

Editorial comment: we’re still in an economic crisis and there are a few million people with no jobs nor much hope of ever finding one, if they’re in their 50s… and then Costas goes and destroys the livelihood of so many families in one town. Why? Because a flood created land that didn’t exist before and over decades people had put it to use. Costas feels that it now – after nearly 40 years – should be left to grow wild.

(News: Rabita, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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