German Woman Shot Dead

SPN German Woman Murdered 02A 35-year-old German woman was murdered yesterday in Vinarós (Castellón, Valencia) by her ex of the same nationality.

The victim, Katharina had moved to Spain to begin a new life after separating from 40-year-old Marcel, moving to this coastal town of some 30,000 inhabitants. But Marcel followed her down from Germany just over 90 days later armed with a shotgun and, according to the Guardia Civil, shot her dead.

In fact, he had simply parked, got out the shotgun and shot her through the garden gate. He immediately ended his own life using the same weapon. Marcel was dressed in dark clothes and carried with him a petrol container, a knife, cable tie offs and duct tape, as well as the shotgun, so it appears that his original intention was to kidnap her.

The shooting took place at 07.45h so it is unclear what she was doing in the garden at that time.

The reason that she had chosen this town was because her mother had been living in the town for years, surrounded by a small colony of Italians and Germans, where she runs a small hostelry business. Katharina had moved to Spain just three months ago to live next to her parents.

The irony is that this latest killing took place on the International Day Against Gender Violence.

(News: Vinaros, Castellón, Valencia)

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