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SPN Slit His Baby's ThroatAn enraged crowd was outside Nº 12 Calle Parel Castells in Azirea when the handcuffed man, accused of slitting his 2-year-old daughter’s throat, emerged, protected by the police.

The 28-year-old, Romanian father, who has confessed to the murder, had been taken there by the police for crime-scene re-enactment.

The reason behind this crime appears to be that he carried out the murder as an act of vengeance for her attempting to leave him.

He had tried to commit suicide after allegedly taking the baby’s life by jumping out of a 2nd-floor window, but was not seriously injured as he fell onto a parked car. Neighbours had phoned the police to report the fall, unaware of what awaited the police inside the flat.

The 24-year-old mother was not at home when her child was killed – the father phoned her at work to tell her what he had done before he jumped. She had to be taken to the Hospital de La Ribera in a state of shock.

The Mayor of Azirea said that the couple had integrated into the community and that there had been no previous incidents of domestic violence reported in their case.

Save the Children immediately called for a new, integral law to protect minors from domestic violence and has published a report that states that in recent years over 70 boys and girls have ended up as orphans as a direct result of domestic violence. Furthermore, during 2015 there were 35,913 reports of violence against children.

Editorial comment: having been brought up in the 60’s when the Moors Murders took place and many calls for Capital Punishment to be reinstated were made, I can’t help wondering whether today’s society would benefit for such a move.

(News: Azirea, Valencia)

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