Bungee Jumping Death Trial

LEC Tablate BridgeAccording to court findings, the death of the young Englishwoman, Kleyo, in July, 2015, could have been avoided had there been a second monitor at hand.

Consequently, the adventure-sports-company owner, R.J.F.S. has been found guilty of negligent manslaughter and ordered to pay a fine of 1,620 euros

The magistrate, Judge Antonio Miguel Vallejo, acquitted, however, the monitor at the scene of the accident, L.M.S.R., because he had verbally informed the 13 members of the bungee expedition in a precise and comprehensible manner on how and when to jump. Furthermore, the monitor’s actions were subordinate to the company’s practices and protocol for such activities.

The judge went on to explain that Kleyo had decided to take a second jump and was told by the monitor not to jump until the safety rope had been sufficiently adjusted and tensed.

However, explained the judge, when the monitor had moved up to the other end of the bridge to attend to the other jumpers, the 23-year-old girl got up onto the railings, and without instructions to do so, launched herself over the side of the bridge.

She collided with the side of the old stone bridge beneath and was killed instantly by the impact.

The family of the deceased will receive 90,000 euros in compensation, which will be paid from the company’s insurance policy

The defence lawyer, on the other hand, is considering appealing against the sentence, although the decision has still not been made.

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The judge believes that the fatal jump was the result of a lack of communication, as the victim’s knowledge of the Spanish language was ‘basic,’ which is the only way to explain why the girl jumped without the consent of the monitor.

Furthermore, this was not the first jump of the day by the victim and that on the previous occasion, the jump had gone without a hitch, indicating that the girl new the correct procedure and the commands to follow. Neither had any other jumper on that day had a problem.

Finally, the Public Prosecutor had recommended 2-years’ imprisonment for both the monitor and the business owner, whilst the private prosecution lawyer representing the family had recommended 2.5 years and 200,000 euros in compensation.

(News: Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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