English Film: Hidden Figures

ALM Hidden FiguresAlmuñécar’s next English-language film (with subtitles in Spanish) will be Hidden Figures.

Synopsis: The film tells the story of team of female, African-American mathematicians who played a crucial role in the early years of NASA and its space program.

Set in segregated America, mathematician Katherine Goble works at West Area Computers, together with Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan.

After the Soviet launch of Sputnik I, the US wakes up to the fact that the USSR is way ahead of the USA in rocket technology and is capable of ICBM attacks. As a result, the Space Race begins and a rush to get a US astronaut into space.

Katherine is enrolled in the Space Task Group, thanks to her skills in analytic geometry. She becomes the first black woman on the team; and in a building where there are no bathrooms for non-white people.

However, after a successful launch the mathematicians are laid off and ultimately replaced by computers…

So, if you are interested, the film will be shown on Tuesday the 31st at 19.00h at the Casa de la Cultura.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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