Ham-Cutting Competition

SAL Jam-Cutting CompetitionCutting Jamón Serrano is not a case of swinging a katana at the startled cured leg of ham – no, it’s an art form; a bit like Flamenco but a lot quieter.

The VII Concurso de Cortadores de Jamón de Salobreña, organised by Asociación Genotur, came and went and a winner was proclaimed: Abraham Cambrés from Murcia. Abraham, by the way, is the number two on a nationwide level of Jamón Serrano cutters.

Abraham walked away with 550 euros in cash and a trophy, handed over by the Mayor, herself, at the end of the event, last Sunday, in the Parque la Fuente.

The judging panel consider that they had had their ‘work cut out for them’ owing to the very high level of expertise exhibited by the seven competitors – there had originally been eight competitors but one of them had suffered a breakdown on the way… I mean that his car broke down and not that he had burst in to tears.

Anyway, there was only a 12-point difference between the winner and the runner up, Francisco Beneyto Francés from Málaga. Yet there was only a 3-point difference between the runner up and third place (cutting it a bit fine, then).

The art of cured-ham cutting is not only about what the slices look like, but also how you lay them out on the plate. And we’re not just talking about lopping off chunks of ham and lumping them in an easily-grabbable pile on a plate because each one of the seven competitors had to produce between 35 and 40 plates.

And what happened to all that cut ham? It was distributed amongst the spectators – lucky gits!

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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