Pedestrianisation Opinion Poll

mot-town-centre-onlFollowing the Christmas rebellion by traders in the centre of Motril against the pedestrianisation measures, the Town Hall is carrying out an opinion poll.

In a recent Plenary Meeting of the Town Council a document/survey was approved by all parties, with the idea of averting further controversy through not consulting those who are to be affected by major changes to the good-working order of the municipality.

The fact is that the Town Council had ‘slipped in’ a pedestrianisation of the town centre within its Plan Especial de Protección del Casco Histórico, foolishly believing, perhaps, that seeing as in other major towns such a move had gone smoothly, it would do so in Motril.

So, what sort of questions are being put to business owners and town-centre residents? Well here are three of them:

Do you agree with the pedestrianisation of the town centre?

Do you think it is necessary to restrict vehicle access on certain dates?

Do you think that the pedestrianisation would improve tourism activity and increase sales?

An enthusiastic Councillor for Trade, Susana Feixas, made the survey’s content known in a press release saying that she is ‘keen’ to know what people think of the idea.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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