The Tragic Nineteenth

SPN Pool DeathYesterday harvested the lives of three toddlers in separate accidents across the country. We have already covered the drowning of a 4-year old in Órgiva, but two more died on the same day.

In the north-east of Spain a 4-year-old girl drowned in a public swimming pool during a school visit.

This occurred in Ripoll (Gerona), when at the end of the swimming lesson the monitors realised that they were one child short… The regional police are investigating the incident.

Meanwhile in the province of Toledo a 2-year-old boy died after a TV set fell on his head at home.

According to the Mayor of Cazalegas, Francisco Javier Blanco, the accident occurred at 13.50h in a home on Calle Talavera de Cazalegas.

“The child was with his mother when he pulled the TV down onto him with the fatal luck that it struck his head,” explained the Mayor, adding that the child was declared dead at the local medical centre where the staff had fought to revive the toddler.

(News: Spain)

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