Motrileño Attacked in Italy

Milan Railway TracksThe Italian police are investigating an attack on a young man from Motril, who was found badly injured beside a railway track near Milan on Sunday the 30th of April.

Daniel R.R., 27 years old, had gone to Italy together with friends from Motril to attend a stag night on Saturday the 29th. They had all been in a nightclub but Daniel went missing.

At first they thought that he had gone back to the hotel but they received a call from police to say that he had been found in a seriously injured condition.

Daniel is in the ICU of the main hospital in Milan where his condition is describe as very serious: severe head and spinal injuries.

His parents, who are in Milan now, think that he was badly beaten up and the culprits had left him for dead by the said railway track, a kilometre from the hotel.

Daniel, who is a physicists and an electronics engineer, has a Masters in Engineering and was studying for his Doctorate, whilst working for Instituto de Física Corpuscular de Valencia.

He was also planning to go to China next week to give a lecture at a conference on particle division.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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