Brit Arrested over Drugs

SPN Alicante-Elche AirportThe police in Alicante rumbled a shipment of drugs coming through the Alicante-Elche Airport, consisting of a new kind of synthetic cannabis-based drug. This drug is 80 times more potent than normal cannabis

The Guardia Civil confiscated 12,200 grammes of this substance, which had arrived on a flight from Hong Kong, that is calculated as having a street value of 3.5-million euros.

Two men, aged 36 and 37, were arrested in the police operation. The 37-year-old man, a British citizen, was arrested when he attempted to pick up the parcel.

This package had been addressed to a bar frequented by British residents in El Campello (Alicante) and according to the police it was this man’s job to collected the shipments at the airport and distribute them.

The magistrate has ordered that the two men remain in custody, as there is a chance that they would flee country, he considers.

(News: El Campello, Elche, Alicante, Valencia)

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