Bricks Move in Almuñécar

ALM Cabria Building Work OnLNot only is the real-estate sector most definitely moving with properties both bought and sold, but the building sector is also reactivating in Almuñécar.

You need only take a look below Hotel Playacálida in Taramay to see the construction cranes swinging into action as a new urbanización takes shape. It has been eight long years since any such construction has taken place in the municipality.

A total of 150 dwellings are going up on Playa Galera; i.e., between Playa Pozuelo and Playa Cabria, they’re also building between the access dirt track to Playa Cabria and Hotel Playacáldia.

And, of course, the Town Hall is over the moon, because building licences and social concessions, either in land or money, are a juicy and much missed income for them.

But it’s not only urbanizaciones going up, but individual house building as well, and it all adds up.

Just a quick look at the Almuñécar population figures: there are at present 29,343 – actually there’s one less as I am now officially an Otiveño again! That makes Almuñécar the 3rd largest population in the province of Granada, coming after the city of Granada and Motril.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucía)

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