Fifty Mistreated Animals

AND Animals Rescued OnLAround fifty animals in a lamentable state were rescued by the Guardia Civil from an illegal kennel in Chiclana, Cádiz.

It appears that the kennel owners kept 42 dogs, three cats, a horse, a pony and a donkey without adequate water or food. All these animals have been farmed out by the Guardia Civil (SEPRONA) to several animal protection centres.

The police had received several calls from different administrations, animal protection associations and locals calling for their intervention, so after receiving a warrant from the magistrate, they moved in.

They found the dogs and cats cooped up in filthy cages without water or food. Some of the animals were kept in the dark.

With the help of the municipal police they began removing each animal, one by one, checking to see if they were micro-chipped – the great majority were not. All of the animals were immediately given water as they where showing signs of dehydration.

(News: Chiclana, Cadiz, Andalucia)

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