zen-towers-nv16Attention PC Lovers: Towers are back – in all sizes and customized!

Laptops (80% of the consumer market), tablets and Smartphones are everywhere these days so you might think that PC towers are passé. Well, times and technology have changed so radically that users worldwide are quickly returning to towers in their new renditions. Why? Four basic reasons:

PCs are designed for real human bodies.  Ergonomists’ studies have proven that screens should be level with our eyes, our elbows at 90º when typing – both of which are impossible when positioned/slouched over a laptop keyboard. Hence we can see why physical impairments have been on the rise.

PCs give you better viewing. If you compare prices and attributes of PCs vs. laptops, desktops give you 50%-100% more screen area per €/GBP/$ where unit prices are very similar.  With more space and less power consumption, wouldn’t a James Bond film or gaming graphics be viewed better on a 27” desktop screen than a 13” laptop or tablet?

PCs give you better value in the long run because they are customizable and upgradeable, options that have limits on laptops and tablets.  You can count on keeping your PC for quite a few years no matter how many times Microsoft may upgrade its OS.

PCs are capable of greater diversification: more multi-tasking as well as running numerous apps. As technology advances and we increase our usage in so many more ways, laptops and tablets are limited and are quickly outdated (2 yrs.).  Cloud storage is also allowing us to do more with less equipment.

The newest PC version, an almost invisible piece of hardware is INTEL’s NUC.  A normal tower measures 46 x 43 x 18 cm, vs. the NUC’S 11 x 11 x 5 cm; with similar performance, it can be mounted on the back of your home TV screen and with a wireless keyboard, keypad or mouse, you can do everything from your sofa.  With its new technology, no worries about fans or heat being generated; the unit  has 4 USB ports, an SD card reader, lots of memory, unlimited size hard drive, HD graphics, HDMI, VGA, 7.1 surround audio, headphone/microphone jack, headphone/poslink, Wifi and Ethernet.  Hard to believe, but want to see this little marvel in action? Stop by the shop and see for yourself!

In the foreseeable future, tablets will be the standard device for travelers and mobile workers while PC towers will become shared devices for specialty needs. While laptops let you work anywhere, the right PC tower can get your work done more comfortably and end up being more economical, erasing the concept that a PC must be a laptop.

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