spn-false-denuncia-onlEvery time there is a false denuncia where domestic violence is concerned, it is a stab in the back to women who really are victims of this plague.

A 35-year-old man went through hell when his ex accused him of kidnapping her and torturing her, claiming that he had even put glue into her vagina.

I.R.G. was immediately arrested, vilified and placed in preventative custody whilst his ‘victim’ was consoled, paraded and put on the pedestal of martyrdom.

Everything changed yesterday, the 26th of October, when she was arrested for making a false statement and faking a crime, when it became known that the items used for her supposed kidnapping were in fact bought by her; amongst other items, the said glue.

Things began to unravel for her when her accomplice, a 26-year-old man, confessed to the ruse on the 18th of October; i.e., when the ‘victim’ went around to the Guardia Civil post in Bembibre. There she accused him of putting an “abrasive substance” into her vagina, which the doctors identified as glue.

Her lawyer, Emilia Esteban, upon hearing that her client’s claims were pure fiction, immediately dropped the case and stated, “I’m astounded and very angry, because this does much damage to victims of domestic violence.”

However the woman continues to maintain her version of the events and accused the investigative judge of lying. Consequently, the woman is facing a possible six-month to a 2-year prison sentence.

The version of the woman is that when she walked out of her house in Gabero at 23.00h on the 18th, two people jumped her and shoved her into a car. She was able to recognise, she says, her ex but not the other person involved.

Again, according to her version, she had her hands tied and blindfolded and was locked into a basement of a house in the said village, where she was subjected to sexual abuse. Several hours later, she claims, she was set free, half dressed, next to an abandoned house. From there she made her way to a chemist and there alerted the Guardia Civil to her circumstances.

As a result of this, the man has spent several months in prison but has since been set free.

(News: Bembire, El Bierzo, Castile-León)

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